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Qinghai: the second largest planting base of Chinese wolfberry is expected to cut this year

According to data provided by the meteorological agency, Chinese wolfberry growth early this year, the area average temperature 1 ℃ to 1.5 ℃ lower than the same period last year, in most of the precipitation is less 20% to 20% over the same calendar year, thus caused Chinese wolfberry grows short water shortage phenomenon in a critical period, making Chinese wolfberry bud open, exhibition leaf stage and spring growth stage was delayed by six to 10 days.In addition, the qinghai province bao-kang liu, senior engineer of the bureau of meteorology satellite remote sensing center, Chinese wolfberry production reason this year also by aphids, root rot and gall mite pest and frost, wind and other natural climate impact.

Li jianxin, said: "the growth of the qaidam basin, Chinese wolfberry puberty begins in early may each year to end in late September. The area of various meteorological elements is decided to Chinese wolfberry growth and yield formation of the main factors, especially the temperature and precipitation is one of the key factors. Every Chinese wolfberry has 3 or more of the harvest season, but this year, in some parts of Chinese wolfberry picking period only two seasons, harvest period due to weather conditions in the second quarter of factors also postponed until mid-september, compared to last year after more than 10 days."

According to the forestry bureau of qinghai province, qinghai province, Chinese wolfberry cultivation base is the second largest Chinese wolfberry cultivation base, plant area of 303000 mu.In 2013, Chinese wolfberry dried fruit production reached 40000 tons, the output value reached 4 billion yuan to 5 billion yuan (RMB).The region every year by the eu certified organic goji berries exports in China first.