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Goji berry juice

Historically medicine and health care experts have been very interested in goji berries nutrients. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the goji berries can nourish liver and kidney. It is also said to improve energy and eyesight. It was also used to cure aching waist, knee, vertigo, tinnitus, internal heat and thirst, enervation and chlorosis and blurred vision.


The content of generic nutriment:

Dissolubility solid:13%-18%       Total sugar:11.38%

Carbohydrate:27.8%             Thick fat:1.41%

Quantity of heat:563.41KT         Protein:2.19%

Crude fiber: 0.11%               Ash content: 0.64%

polysaccharide: 1.3%-1.5%


The content of vitamin(mg/100g) :

Vitamin A: 1.496

Vitamin B6:1.665

Vitamin E: 1.395

Vitamin B2 :0.087

Vitamin B1 :0.038

Nicotinic acid: 0.126

Vitamin C : 42.6